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Merging part of several walls

HiI want to make a door that goes through several walls, but as I have understood, it isn't possible. Therefore I would like to merge the walls together, but just a part of the wall because there is a height difference in the wall that makes the merg...

Duplicative referenced layouts - Possible?

This may sound a bit strange but I’m wondering if it is possible to create a layout and then another layout that is an exact duplicate of the first, including any additions of views, modifications, etc. The case for this is when we need to send plan ...

Resolved! Metric - Imperial

Firstly, I've been posting here now for only a couple of days and the Archicad community seems amazing. Thanks for all the help! Secondly, I work in Canada thus sitting firmly with one foot in imperial and the other in metric, so this is probably not...

Resolved! Placing window / door on elevation & 3D views

It seems I can only place windows and doors successfully on plan views. I've been able to place them on 3D views too, but the door / window's associated storey seems random. 1) In 3D, can I define the associated storey for the door / window to be lin...

Resolved! Simple drawing

A basic question from the new guy....... I have 2 windows and a door on elevation. The one window I would like to space equally between the door and corner. The other window I would like the same distance from the door. Is there a way to move and "Au...

Door/Window Schedule view scale

Hello everyone! I am having some trouble with automatic window / door schedule. I haven't quite figured out, if I set the scale to 1:50, then after leaving the schedule to some other tab (layout, plan etc), the scale resets back to 1:100, when I retu...

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Door , windows missing in Archicad 24

Hello Friends, I have recently converted from Archicad 23 to Archicad 24. My door has changed and the window is totally missing. (See Fig 1.) All sliding window is showing as a hinged door. As I do have 23 & 24 both installed in my PC I have fixed th...

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