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Grasshopper Rhino7 does not reference AC 25 Geometry

Hello, I have connected my AC project with Grasshopper successfully. However, Grasshopper won't reference AC Geometry.E.g. when trying to set one AC Morph in a Grasshopper AC Morph Parameter component (Rightclick-menu) Grasshopper/Rhino3D won't switc...

Resolved! Problems editing roof ridge

Hey I'm having problems editing the roof ridges in my current project. I'm using ungrouped multiplane roof. Sometimes i'm getting the pet palette that offers three ways to editng the roof while othertimes i don't see it at all. I'm quite new to Archi...

Bjorvik by Participant
  • 2 replies

Help! Grasshopper-Archicad Design problem

I'm using Grasshopper in Rhinoceros 5 and Archicad 25 EDU version. I had calculated the load of a beam which is linked to specific beam I profile in grasshopper. Is it possible to program algorithmically in Grasshopper, through "Grasshopper- Archicad...

Resolved! Can't register as a Student

Hi everyone, I'm trying to download the Archicad, but I get stuck in "Myarchicad" student registry with no more options to fill. Any idea why? Thanks in advance!

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 8 replies

Resolved! commercial and educational on same machine

I have an employee with an educational license under her own graphisoft ID. She also has a graphisoft ID under her company email. When she logs into the license manager with her company ID, downloads a commercial licesnse, then goes to ope a company ...

Morphs vs GDL Scripts

Hello : I am familiar with most of AC 18 but have not used the morph tool. I’ve written a number of GDL scripts which allow me to define posts and beams with tenons at each end. Parameters of these are set in the scripts. And that data can be exporte...

More appealing draft design

Hi, my name is Merlin, I'm an architecture student from Germany. I'm trying to create the same style of plan drafting as shown in the photo example I attached to this message. I'm wondering, if this is possible with Archicad exclusively, or do I need...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Accidentally modelled in wrong measurements - Absolute newbie

Hi there, I've learnt how to model a site model for a project which includes a slope. I have accidentally modelled using the wrong measurements but is still to scale. i.e. 10metres as 100 000mm instead of 10 000mm. Essentially, I've added an extra 0 ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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