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Inclined slab and wall intersection

Hi guys, I have to make an inclined slab. As I can understand I can use the roof pitch tool but what abot the itersection with walls? If I use the Connect command I cut the upper part: how do I cut the bottom part without trasforming the wall into a ...

Paopao by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Teamwork not working - You are in offline mode

Hello everyone Im trying a teamwork project with my friends and we experiencing some difficulties. We managed to connect to same server and to work on same project, but after a short time we're getting message that one of us is working offline. We ar...

AMihalac by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Extensions to ARCHICAD 23

Please tell me why when installing Extensions to ARCHICAD 23 with offers extensions to ARCHICAD 22, no extensions to ARCHICAD 23 available for download

Allow 3rd party cookies

Hi, this is a super basic and frustrating issue, am trying to log into myArchicad, but keep getting turned around with " × "In order to log in, you must allow 3rd party cookies." All cookie options are ticked in the Cookie Settings. Just need to log ...

Archicad 23 MDE Files

Hi all, Having a problem in archicad 23 on windows student version. I can only publish MDE files yet the hotlink manager will only import MOD files. Ive attached screenshots below, didnt have this issue in 22. Thanks!

complex profile on vertical surface

How would you put a complex surface on a vertical wall? I have an arch and I need to put a band around it. I am using the complex profle but I cannot find a way to ach it vertically. I normally would put the linear profle and thn use the ach from the...

Paopao by Newcomer
  • 2 replies


I used the student's version during my graduation. I made a good templete, but now I want to convert this template to the professional version, all my favorites, master sheets, pens, compositions, keyboard shortcuts and also my workflow, shortcut pos...