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How to teach ArchiCAD in 2h30 ?

I'm trying to insert an ArchiCAD introduction class into our regular AutoCAD-based CAD-courses. I think I can cram 2h30 into the regular schedule, if I insist hard enough. Can anyone point me to some hints on what to do in this short amount of time? ...

stefan by Booster
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Educational policy

Students are begining to start their projects now and not in 2005. It would make better sense if they were to satrt on AC9.

AC 9 edu?

Dear Akos, Do you have any information about the educational/student versions of AC9? Will they be released soon? thank you Petros

Pricing & limitations of educational software

There have been some discussions on the use of student-versions for (illegal) commercial use. Do you think that is such a problem? I believe that when a student is doing commercial work: - (s)he has too much time that he is not spending on his/her st...

stefan by Booster
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AC certification

Does Graphisoft has an official standard for qualifying users with Archicad knowledge? And if so is there a sort of test or anything else to prove that a student has attended AC lessons or seminars? I am asking this because a lot of students and prof...

Archicad training schools & Universities

Welcome Akos! In the GS site there is a link named "Where can you find new graduates with ArchiCAD training?" where someone can find a list of schools by country where someone can get AC training. What is the procedure and the requirements for a scho...

Student versions

Dear Archi-Talkers, Meeting the needs of the student community is a key priority for us at Graphisoft. At present, we are evaluating our policy to find ways to better serve architects and students of architecture at schools and universities around th...