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GSL, GSM, 3DS FILES and size

Hi,I have a problem with making an object.I imported an 3DS file into ArchiCAD, since i can not transform it into MORPH (because size of file gets too big), i made a gls direct from impotet object - its size is still 8 mb to 16 mb. I don't know how t...

Tjawe by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Curved stair with sweeping balustrade

We have been trying to model a stair with two straight runs and a curved portion, with a single sweeping balustrade. As shown on the attached screenshots, it's drawn with two straight reference lines and a semi-circle between. However we edit both th...

Imported 3ds object is flipped

Hello, I need some help when importing 3ds objects, which sometimes are flipped when I import them. More specifically the floor plan view and elevation view are switched. This image shows my problem. This is a floor plan view, but the lamp is shown i...

tana by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Archicad 25 surface differences compared to ac24?

I'd like to know in what way the Surfaces in the AC25 libraries differ from the AC24 ones? (I mean quality-wise, regarding display and rendering, not if there are additional ones). Obviously, I'm on Mac, and instead of the "OpenGL" display option in ...

AC 20 PL - Curtain wall bug?

Hello everyone! I've stumbled upon an issue that I can't handle with. I just wanted to move a line of the curtain wall's structure and it seems to be broken, because instead of moving the line, it creates a new row, which I can't even delete or modif...

AC25 Cabinet Objects

I'm reworking our template favorites for cabinets to incorporate new features of AC25. Perhaps I haven't found it but can you: 1) show dashed lines indicated door swings and shelving behind the doors in 2d elevations 2) at a two segment base cabinet,...

lparke by Newcomer
  • 14 replies