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Open version 10 pln file in version 26

Is it at all possible to open a version 10 pln in my version 26 so I can view in 3D and measure from this way for builder? Is there a way to do it?

kbate by Newcomer
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Cant use Goodies Suite

I cant use see the goodies options under design extras after installing them and also installing the latest archicad version again.

Roof goodies not showing in design extras tab

Hi, I cant seem to locate the roofing extras options from the "Design Extras" tab, its imply not there. I have installed, reinstalled the goodies and I have loaded up the accessories library to the project too. Also run update checks but to no prevai...

Resolved! Problem with Goodies Add-on in AC26 INT

Hi thereI have installed Goodies_Suite-26-INT-3000-1.0, but accessories and other goodies are not displayed in menubar the "Design/Design Extras" !!!However, in installed folder in Program Files I have Accessories Library 26 (please have a look scree...

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Resolved! Accessories not found after installation in AC26

I installed AC26, Goodies 26 and the update 3010 USA Full. I see the Accessories Library 26 and the Accessories box checked in the "Available Add-Ons", but I can not find in the Design Extras menu, the Accessories ( Roof Accessories, Slab Accessories...

Wall framing accessory question

I was trying the wall framing accessory again today, but still can't figure out how to control the location in relation to the framing cavity; it always comes in offset. Am I missing some obvious control? Is there something special that one needs to ...

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