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Select multiple objects in Grasshopper

Hi! EDIT: Managed to solve it, but keeping it here if anyone else needs help with this. Apparently groups need to be enabled for preselect to work, whether or not the elements are grouped. EDIT 2: I thought I solved it, and it worked with slabs and w...

Kaj_AL by Booster
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Help! Grasshopper-Archicad Design problem

I'm using Grasshopper in Rhinoceros 5 and Archicad 25 EDU version. I had calculated the load of a beam which is linked to specific beam I profile in grasshopper. Is it possible to program algorithmically in Grasshopper, through "Grasshopper- Archicad...

Resolved! Archicad-Grasshopper Live Connection Problem

Hello, I'm having problems with setting up my Archicad-Grasshopper Live Connection. Once installed the menu item for the plug-in looks weird ("%%$GrassHopperConnection.STRS.32500.1%%") and is greyed out, as seen in the attached photo. Both Archicad 2...

splinter by Contributor
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dynamic element transfer

Is it possible to make AC elements sync into a GH container automatically - as in "all walls" or by some find&select criteria? Setting it manually after every new drawn AC element is tiring. thanks

Resolved! 2D Fill Sync Freezes ArchiCAD 23

Hey Guys! I'm Working on Ceiling Panels for a large number of Rooms, for which purpose I wrote a GH script to automate the drawing. I use a combination of 2D Fills and 3D Slabs for representation both in Plan View as well as in 3D View. My Problem li...

Lorin W by Newcomer
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RGB Mesh GH Object

Hello! I'm trying to use the RGB Mesh GH Object ( to transfer colored mesh geometry from Grasshopper to Archicad. I've followed the workflow created by Dániel Kovács presented in this video: Unfortunately, ...

Rhino 7 Live connection

Hi, Are there any news regarding the AC live connection for Rhino7? It is quite troublesome that there is still no sign of the appropriate AC-GH connection....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Get Opening

H Guy, I make a wall with opening, I deconstruc this wall. How I can select opening into Grasshopper? Thanks

Get Column Curve

Hi Guy, How I can get the curve of column from ArchiCad column model same as Beam I use Deconstruct Column with Column selected from AC model. Thanks All