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Composite Selection Crash - GH AC20 Live Conn Win

Hi everyone, AC-GH connection crashes when accessing to the "composite" component list once added the component in GH. Any solution ? I'm running: Windows 10 (64bits) Rhino 90days SR13 GH 0.9.0076 Archicad 20 (4020) Thanks in advance David

some simple tries with slabs and walls

I tried to connect walls and slab to an Archicad-Polyline in Grasshopper. Because the walls and slabs did not fit together properly, I tried to move and transform the Polyline-Geometry in Grasshopper. But Then i dont get an simple curved wall in Arch...

Morph object in Grasshopper change ID

Good morning at all! I created a geometry in GH and after I have changed with morph setting layers and material.. but when I want to change the ID with my personal text ID, this value don't change in Archicad.. the panel menu show a standard ID.. for...

Yoseph by Newcomer
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Grasshopper and parameters Archicad object (array) ?

Whether communication of data is supported in the parameter of object Archicad that is an array (dim) Attempt of communication of data from a matrix real number to parameter Archciad object (array) ends with a failure Attempt of direct input in a par...

paradize by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Building Material Selection Crash - GH AC20 Live Conn Mac

Rhino WIP keeps crashing with Grasshopper - ArchiCAD Live Connection Beta version when a Building Material selection attempt is performed in the Wall Settings Component: 1. The Wall Settings Component is placed in the Grasshopper canvas. 2. Right cli...

Grasshopper-ArchiCAD-live connection crash with Human UI

Hi all, I am recently using the grasshopper-ArchiCAD live connection with Human UI but I found that every time I start the live connection the Human UI crashes. Does anyone know why? Any way I can resolve this? All the Human UI nodes turns to red and...

JACKZENG by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Grasshopper live connection installation problem

HI I'm trying to install grasshopper live connection plugins. However, system alert that it can not find the grasshopper folder. My environment: Win7 Traditional Chinese, ArchiCAD 19 Tai, Rhino 5 Eng, Grasshopper (all in latest version). I can use Gr...

hng joe by Newcomer
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GRAPHISOFT Releases Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live Connection

After 6 months of beta testing the free intelligent Grashopper-ARCHICAD bi-directional Live Connection plugin is now officially released. The press release: