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dynamic element transfer

Is it possible to make AC elements sync into a GH container automatically - as in "all walls" or by some find&select criteria? Setting it manually after every new drawn AC element is tiring. thanks

Resolved! 2D Fill Sync Freezes ArchiCAD 23

Hey Guys! I'm Working on Ceiling Panels for a large number of Rooms, for which purpose I wrote a GH script to automate the drawing. I use a combination of 2D Fills and 3D Slabs for representation both in Plan View as well as in 3D View. My Problem li...

Lorin W by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

RGB Mesh GH Object

Hello! I'm trying to use the RGB Mesh GH Object ( to transfer colored mesh geometry from Grasshopper to Archicad. I've followed the workflow created by Dániel Kovács presented in this video: Unfortunately, ...

Rhino 7 Live connection

Hi, Are there any news regarding the AC live connection for Rhino7? It is quite troublesome that there is still no sign of the appropriate AC-GH connection....

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

Get Opening

H Guy, I make a wall with opening, I deconstruc this wall. How I can select opening into Grasshopper? Thanks

Get Column Curve

Hi Guy, How I can get the curve of column from ArchiCad column model same as Beam I use Deconstruct Column with Column selected from AC model. Thanks All

Elliptical profile surface, thickness

This is a (proof-of concept, test) zero-thickness morph, brought into GH from Archicad. Its profile is elliptical. It was generated in Archicad with a 0-thickness shell on an arc profile, saved as object, modified zzyzx, saved as morph, SEOed out ope...

Ignacio by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Run energy simulation using GH live connection

Hello Everyone! I am new here and I hope I will get some kind of help. To cut a long story short, I am trying to run an energy simulation of the building in GH using climate studio. To achieve this, I use the zone component, then deconstruct it and e...

Mariami by Newcomer
  • 3 replies