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empty file

Hello I have a problem with my ongoing project file. It was about 130mb large and was difficult to handle. So I tried deleting different stuff, decor, furniture etc to reduce the size. Nothing really happened. Finally I deleted everything from the fi...

Error "Cannot read the plan"

Hello colleagues! How are you? Has this ever happened to you? How did you resolve it? The original file opens for me and remains blank automatically. So, I searched for backups and converted them to PLN. I can open backups from other projects without...

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Silvia Contributor
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Resolved! can I prevent .lck files?

Is it possible to prevent archicad from creating .lck files? The reason I ask is that they do not work with our cloud file storage system. Our cloud service creates "Versions" of files. So every time I alter and save a new version is created in the c...