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Resolved! Audience Seating 24 issues

Does anyone know of a better way to do seating layouts in AC? My firm does mainly churches, so a lot of seating layouts. The Audience Seating 24 object is the only one I've found that will lay out chairs in a curve. The problems are: -We cannot chang...

LM19 by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Trouble With Horizontal Multi Sash Window

Hi, Iv recently upgraded to 23 from 21 and having issues with the "Horizontal Multi-sash window 23" I use this window a lot in 21 to do combinations of fixed and mullions to make "louver" looking windows in the corner window tool. please see the imag...

GeNOS by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Resolved! How to embed library parts into the .pln file

I have been using Archicad since V8 many years ago. Over that time I have always had the issue of missing libraries when I open a file created in an older version in the current or newer version. As an example, if I open a file created in Ver22 using...

DrWho by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Door Leaf in Error

Version 25 Door D2 2Sidelight 25 The dialog asked for a leaf size but resonds with a model where it is using the dimension as the total size for both leafs. I choose 3' leaf and it gives me two 18" leafs(doors) totaling 3'

Archicad 25 INT versus US version

I accidentally installed INT version of Archicad 25, opened a project and recreated all my doors and windows because they showed as missing library dots. Which I thought was odd...but really happy to see the updates in the door, window, etc. librarie...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Commercial Flush Mount Toilets / Grab bars

Those of us in the US working on high use commercial bathrooms, know that virtually all installed toilets are wall mounted, sometimes floor mounted, flush valve toilets. Rarely would an architect spec a tank type toilet in a high use commercial appli...

rm by Enthusiast
  • 12 replies

transferring attributes from favorites

I have a model of a house with 20-30 various windows. I'd like to transfer the attributes of one of my window favorites (surfaces, jamb/sash dimensions, wall connection etc) onto all the windows at once but without changing the the current sizes or l...

Mop Sink and other basic items

I am stuggling to find items that fit the U.S. market. Standard items I spend the last hour trying to find a mop sink. What Archicad has is a Utility Sink and not a Mop Sink I need a floor mounted but would work with a wall for the time being though ...

Curved stair with sweeping balustrade

We have been trying to model a stair with two straight runs and a curved portion, with a single sweeping balustrade. As shown on the attached screenshots, it's drawn with two straight reference lines and a semi-circle between. However we edit both th...