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3D Text...

Hello all, Is there a way to generate 3D text in ArchiCAD? TIA

rgarand by Participant
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S/E Stair view generation times

In AC7: Whenever I have an exterior elevation view (Section) with a stair in that view the generation times are increased many times over. What can be done? Is there a way to set the curve resolution? Also does the Rail Balustrade 70.gsm delay the ge...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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At the beginning of my relation with ArchiCAD after listening to the sales pitch of the GS salesman I have asked this question: Jus for long this library parts will remain compatible with the program. The answer was : As long as there will be ArchiCA...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Eydropper w/o Changing Object Type

When creating doors and windows, is there a way to shortcut the process? Example: You create a window from the standard library using, say, the W1 Casement. You get all the parameters set and place (takes a good 5 minutes if working from scratch). Ne...

ruled command

Im trying to create a "ruled" with a hole in the shape but I keep getting a wrong hole definition. The manual doesnt give any clues in this regard. Here is a typ script that isnt working (the item is supposed to be tapering but for simplicity have ma...

Nominal values in door marker - how?

I am trying to get a result similar to what was in ver. 7.0 - I mean when I set "nominal" values I would like them to display in the marker - but when setting it in almost all doors from 8.0 (or 8.1) library I get it wrong. It is probably beacuse the...

AC Version & Library Transition

Please forgive me--I know this has been discussed in the past, but a search of the forum didn't turn up any answers. I started a project in AC 8v3. Now I want to work in 8.1. What is the correct procedure for making the transition and avoiding librar...

Variable text objects

We are an A/E firm that runs Archicad for architecture and Autocad for our engineering. I am familiar in running translations but am having a problem with some of my objects. When saving out to Autocad, objects with text assigned in the GDL code come...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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