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Free Objects?

I know this forum might be porposed for ppl that can afford buying addons,libraries...etc...but what about ppl that cant afford......well ive gotten many great library part over the net freeones...i was wondering..if anyone know other places to get f...

Library parts Explod

With AC7 and older versions, when you explode a 2d library parts the curves stay curves, but with AC8.0 the curves turn to segments. Is there any solution to use AC8 in exploding the 2d library parts the same way as AC7?

gobel by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

POLY2_B background fill

I have two objects that use POLY2_B which allow the user to choose the colour of the background fill. What is weird is that one object works as expected whereas the other doesn't. I can't see any difference between the 2d scripts. The only thing that...

Text from a numeric value

I want to print a report of a library part ( actually for a door schedule). I need to insert a dimension value into a text string. Im not sure if this is possible. Any ideas?

How to define a new level marker?

I come from China. I can not find the level marker type we used in Level Tool. So I have to define a new one myself. But how? No subtype for level marker. Anybody know?

Stretchy angle hotspots in 2D

I am a tad confused about how the angled 2D moving hotspots work. After reading the manual about 100 times and randomly putting in numbers i got them to work but I have a few questions. 1. in the manual it states you need four points then they only s...

Looking for metal building parts and pieces

Is there any 3rd party that sell complete metal building, structural components? (Tapered columns, tapered spandrel beams, purlins, etc.) I mean the all parts of an entire building, not just individual pieces. If so where would it be located. I do no...

Eknox81 by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

problems with doors

I've been having a couple of problems with doors today. The dorrs are from the ArchiCAD 8 library. 1) The first part of the problem is when I try to eyedropper an existing door. When I eyedropper a door ArchiCAD locks up. Sometimes the ArchiCAD unloc...

instructions for creating a new library part

I want to learn how to create new library parts. I thought that I would start by creating a few beds based on the "Bed Double 01" that exist in the ArchiCAD 8 library. I want to create a king and queen sized beds for my current project. The problem t...