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Bullnose Wall Object

Quick question for all of you out there. I just discovered the bullnose object for corners of walls. There is a lot of that here in California so it is nice to see (was it there before? - oops just found it in AC7 also) I can see how to use it on a w...

US electric symbols library

I'm a new user and am trying to find the US electric symbols library. I see the european electric symbols. Is there a US electric symbols library with switch and outlet symbols Thanks,

archanom by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Projecting a fill?????

I have an object that the 2d view is projected. This maybe a stupid question. What I want to do is place a fill in 2d view, so can I fill read off the projection to make it an easy fix? I don't believe it’s possible but I wanted to here it from some ...

Red by Booster
  • 7 replies

Roof Wizard can't find library parts

I'm trying to use the Roof Wizard and it cannot find the library parts. I'm using AC8r3 the library is the latest available from the GS tech resource site. I use the pla version. Anyone have any solutions/suggestions? TIA

Jeffrey by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Hotspots in Marker Objects

Is it just me, or are we unable to define selectable/editable hotspots (HOTSPOT2) in custom Marker Objects for the Section/Elevation Tool? I can successfully define editable hotspots in Window-Door Markers and Detail Markers - but not in Section Mark...

Library Parts and Panther OSX

Some custom / 3rd party library objects aren't showing after installing Panther. The objects are in the Library but show up as missing library parts. Also their icons look like little unix windows or something. Any suggestions? Thanks

The Best API

I have found the best api for ArchiCAD is by far Archiforma. Does anyone agree?

Binder by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Objects Online

I had a few things that I wanted to put on objects online. When I say this by no means am I downing the site I think it’s great! Is anyone out having good success after posting some objects? Was it worth the work?? And once again I think it's a great...

Red by Booster
  • 11 replies

Dashed line in interior elevations

I'm trying to make file cab that I need to show dashed sometimes and at other times solid lines. I want to make an object that can be just lines that will show up in interior elevations. Line2 just shows up in 2D and LIN_ just shows up in 3D correct?...

Michele by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

GDL Talk - dont lose it!

The question was asked earlier about GDL Talk. GDLTalk welcomes GDL discussion however technical, but also however elementary. Some of the most helpful GDL users on the planet are using GDLTalk. Dont let it die just because of the novelty of this new...