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Storefront Doors and Thresholds/Sills

Working my way through my door schedule and I've hit a snag that I can't seem to find an answer or solution for.I used the Archicad 25 default storefront double door to create a storefront door with the code compliant thicker bottom rail. However, th...

storefront door.JPG mtl door.JPG
DPelt by Contributor
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Replace missing libraries

I open file in INT version, that was made in RUS version.It has missing objects such as Materials, Markers of Elevations etcHow can I replace them with the INT version?

Frosted Glazing

Hi, I am currently working on a few projects with the use of privacy/frosted film on windows. these films therefore allow for parts of windows to be covered and not others. for example (as below). Is there way of "modelling" this - is is it just a ca...

Frosted Glass example 1.jpg Frosted Glass example 2.jpg
JackIPL by Participant
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Param-O and Hatches

Hi everybody!I've created my first Param-O object and I'm very happy but I have a problem: I want the object to have a covering hatch but I cannot reach how to do it. Do you have any suggestions? Is it possible with Param-O or do I have to learn adva...

alesim by Participant
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Resolved! Wall tool geometry method

When using the wall tool, all geometry methods are not avaliable. When choosing the straight line tool, there is no other options showing, and thereby I cant find the option for chained walls. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Libraries keep "going missing"

Ever since downloading Archicad 25 my libraries seem unstable. and seem to be missing? Even 25 objects? Simple objects like doors and windows? Ive redone objects too many times. where are they? I relaod and reload and remove libaraies and relaod and....

KJ22 by Participant
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Resolved! issue with layout

Hi!I'm currently making a school project, and have some issue with the layout and the numbers/the format the numbers on the dimensions and of the doors and windows. On the work sheet they're in the correct way (ex. 12,93 or 44), but as soon as I put ...

kopi17 by Newcomer
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How to create 3d line between windows?

Hi, I try to add chamfer between these local windows but they look like one unit. I export these windows 3d rendering programs. Do you know how can I adjust geometry of these windows? Is there a way to chamfer frame edges?


Toilets not visible

I have placed toilets and stalls with A25 utilities The toilets in the stalls show on the plan but not in sections or 3d. ALL levels are on.

p2.PNG p1.PNG

Resolved! Archicad 22 object and missing surfaces

Hello,I am a newcomer to Archicad using Archicad 24 Solo. A new employee brought a template developed on 22 to the office that we are giving a try. If I unlink the migration libraries, I have missing surfaces. I have manually replaced the textures th...

camille_1-1632619711350.png camille_0-1632619477345.png
camille by Contributor
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