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Modelling Landscape Architecture

HI Guys, I have been tasked to look in to Archicad's modelling features for Landscape Architecture for use in the company I work for, We used to model the landscape using slabs & the mesh tool ect but have had some push back lately that excessive amo...

Solid element operation not working

I have a landscape mesh and a floor slabs as patio. I want to use the SEO with upright function. I just did it with two other areas without problems but this patio doesn't want to do anything to my mesh. Tried substraction only and it seems to do it ...

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Road / Driveway on uneven ground

Hey all, I am trying to create roads/driveways in a model where i have uneven levels. Ti would like to find a good way of creating these which includes the build up in the same way a roof, walls etc. I have bodged it a few ways in the past depending ...

3d ground not visible in 3d mode after reopening the file

I created a flat 3d ground. Then created isolines by selecting the ground tool and clicking every polyline one by one while having the tab pressed. Then elevated one by one the isolines giving them altitude. I saved it (in .pln and .pla). When I reop...

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Reference Level

Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out how to best use the reference level for site topography with the mesh tool. I have tried to read a few of the previous posts similar to this but can’t get my head around it.For instance, my FFL is 101.10 (Austr...


how to create the detail of ramp in plan?

i find it difficult to display the detail of ramp on the layout plani don't know who to describe, but when i draw the layout plan, i need to show the center line of ramp and the arrow parallel line on bold sideplease look at the attached image to und...

Terrain road issue

Hello,what should I do to to flatten then road mesh so that the terrain mesh would follow along road's sides?

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Devonha by Booster
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