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Resolved! Mesh with holes-area

How might I find the surface area of a mesh without the area of the several holes cut into it. Element information appears to only give me the surface area of the mesh including the holes. Thanks Tom

Terrain Tool, English?

hi all,anyone knows if this terrain tool (addon) or a similar one is also available in English? I would vote for a central register for all free available Archicad Addons BR, Florian

Resolved! contour mesh

hey allim trying to create the contour lines mesh but for some reason creating the contours isnt actually following the contours spline lines from the survey.please refer to images. (this is an example spline lines )


Resolved! Upside down 3D grass in cinerender?!

Wow this one made me laugh when I realised what I was seeing... though I have no idea how to go about fixing this problem! Just today I moved up to AC26 from 24 so I could render with all intel performance cores (apparently AC24 only uses the efficie...

Jackson Contributor
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