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Road / Driveway on uneven ground

Hey all, I am trying to create roads/driveways in a model where i have uneven levels. Ti would like to find a good way of creating these which includes the build up in the same way a roof, walls etc. I have bodged it a few ways in the past depending ...

modeling furniture and preparing documentation

Hi Archicad people, I've been using Archcad for architectural design and it's been going great. Now I'm trying it for interior design and I'm struggling to figure out the workflow. Any advice is appreciated.I'm modeling custom furniture with slab too...

Resolved! Removing Unwanted Morph Lines

I need to draw an entry arch and since it has a profile I am using the morph tool. I am able to creat the arch I am needing to draw but I now have a bunch of unwanted lines. Is there a better way to create this arch and is there a way to delete the u...

Archicad Arch.jpg

Shell Tool Curved Geometry

I'm trying to create the below geometry using the Shell tool. I can almost get the shape I'm after, but cannot curve the two longest sides as dashed below. Hoping someone can please give me some guidance. 

Screenshot 2023-06-26 133317.jpg Screenshot 2023-06-26 133244.jpg

cut floor plan vs morphs

hi all ! I'm importing an STRUCTURE IFC as morphs, and the problem is :the slab, the is below 0.00 floor , so it does not appear on the floor plan. all the tests I made, I can make what I want but, not for IFC hotlink... ie, if the morph is set to ON...

Custom fence

Greetings, I am relatively new to the Archicad software and I have a question regarding the possibility of customizing fences. Is it possible to model a complex fence that would be a combination of stone with iron bars and what would be the most effi...

Amangava by Participant
  • 12 replies

Solid Element Operations not working with Polywall and Morph?

Hi I'm modelling ruins and to create the walls I've been using the polywall tool. When I make a morph (in section then extruded in 3D) to then intersect it with the wall in using solid element operations, the wall disappears/cuts off? Im just trying ...

dg2 by Beginner
  • 1 replies

Twisted Facade Blade Design in Archicad

Hi all, I totally forgot to post my new tutorial from last week! Here we go.New Archicad tutorial from ASM Techbase is online now, called: Twisted Facade Blade Design This tutorial is looking at how to create twisted blades in Archicad. There are a c...

Twisted Facade Blade Design_1.jpg

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