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Wall-Opening - Composite Slab: Behaviour of first skin

Hi! I just discovered that the top skin of a composite skin is never pulled into an opening. No matter of changing the z-position or type (core/finish/other). Both slab materials have lower priority than the wall material.Also, if I change the remain...

Resolved! Section questions

Hi all,I have 2 questions for this section:1. The intersection with the slab is quite weird. The materials strenght are as shown in the screenshot, but the intersection is still rather bizar. Why is the topmost layer and the membrane going through th...


trimming slab after SEO

Im trying to make a surface terrain that i've carved out with SEO. Does anyone know if theres an easy way to trim the nodes down to the "new" surface after SEO? Or do i really have to manually drag the nodes down to wished location?   

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Swimsey Participant
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Resolved! Story levels best practice

Hi, I have a question regarding setting out stories for projects, having seen a few times people using a story for both floor and ceiling levels. Which effectively mean that the floor itself has a story of its own. I was wondering what are the advant...

How to do the split but limited?

Hi, maybe this is a fundamental question, or perhaps it is impossible to do this, but would like to know if it's possible to do the "split" of the slab without that infinite cutting. For example, I want this street to be split in this segment where I...

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Milan Booster
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