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Ecodesigner Problem

Hi folks! I have a problem with Ecodesigner for AC 13. When i open the option "Facade Shadings", the AC shows anything in the window (look at the added image), also i didn't have a option for Activity, that shows "Missing". I saw here in forun a simi...

EcoDesigner PLEASE help.

Quick question when using EcoDesigner. When I run it, it loads and does its thing, but I am unable to click on 'Start Evaluation'. Does anyone know why? Or what settings need to be adjusted in order to be able to do an evaluation? For the record, I a...

Archicad Ecodesign- problemshooting

Hello, I'm trying EC out on a AC 13 version : thr menu " facade shading" when it pops-up doesn't show any pull-down menus, these appaer to be missing. The pull-down menu where the acitvity should be chosen is allso missing. Do I have to import a cert...

Ecodesigner and thermal bridges

Hi everyone, I'm considering purchasing ED as preliminary design tool. We mainly do high energy-efficiency residential projects in Italy using CasaClima standards ( I'm wondering if I can somehow set ED up to match CasaClima ...

EcoDesigner is killing me!

Hello everybody, I have one big problem with ecodesigner. When it analyizies object it shows that 6 object of shell was found but then it shows only 5 - it never shows basement slab! When i manualy corect the basement slab for the roof it shows corec...

princ by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Ecodesigner; roof insulation.

Somehow by increasing the insulation of a building and without doing any other changes, the heat that is required is increasing also. This seems to me completely insane. Any ideas?

Ecodesigner air-to-air energy recovery + ground insulation

I'm constantly using Ecodesigner and found that the air-to-air energyrecovery is not working properly. Whether you input 50 ot 90 for a recovery percentage, the outcome is still the same. the other issue is when using floors on ground - no matter how...

tiphia by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Archicad and ecodesigner

Hello, I am a student and a bit of a novice with Archicad so I apologize if this is a basic question. I have used Archicad for several projects because I am a mac user and I am trying to use the ecodesigner plug-in for my sustainable systems class an...

Austin34 by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

EcoDesigner in AC12 Warning sign

In ED I know that the "Start Evaluation" button is inactive unless I assign the properties of the walls, openings etc. However, after I've assigned the properties to the structure, the BTU column still has an error sign, does not show/accept any chan...

Ara C by Newcomer
  • 5 replies