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for those who are still using EDS... If I create a “baseline” building and compare it with itself, I’m getting different results in energy use between the Proposed Design and the Baseline Building, although they are exactly identical... SOS...

chrrev by Newcomer
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Could GS advise on the current status of ECODESIGNER STAR. One gets the distinct impression that it is a dead end project since there are no serious answers from GS to real problems. I am involved with clients who request zero energy buildings and I ...

chrrev by Newcomer
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Energy Modeling with EcoDesigner STAR in ArchiCAD 22

Hello! Are there anyone who worked at EcoDesigner STAR for ArchiCAD? I am interested in the question of its accuracy in calculating heat losses and thermal loads on the room. Considered a conditional room in STAR , Valtec and Heat Balance. In the las...

bealefay by Newcomer
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solar analysis tool for Archicad

Hi, Does anyone know a tools/software/plug-in for Archicad to analyse solar impact/day light access like Ecotect used to do for Revit? I am more interested in the software that shows which parts of the building get sun and which doesn't. The sun path...

ArchiCAD PHPP output via energy evaluation and/or BIM2PH

firstly, please don't banish this threat to the Sustainable Architecture section to be ignored with the tumbleweeds. I am trying to get some meaningful output from ArchiCAD 23 (Solo) to PHPP (Passive House Planning Papckage, an energy evaluation spre...

Resolved! absorbency analysis and shading analysis

Dear all , I have a question regarding absorbency analysis and shading analysis in ARCHICAD. I would like to make it more automatic and faster (and maybe have better results ). Today, our office is doing it by hand, which is tedious and long process....

Ecodesigner - Energy Simulation Engine failed

Hello everyone, I write to you because I am having a serious problem with Ecodesigner that is driving me crazy : I simply improved an external slab by adding some layers to increase the thermal resistance R, after I perform the analysis of the therma...