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TIP: Make the Most of your Mouse Wheel

Hi All I just wanted to share our latest tip on getting the most out of your mouse wheel in ARCHICAD. Featuring the first of our YouTube video tips, if you can't be bothered with all that reading! #BIM6x give...

Link by Participant
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Using Generic Label 18 to display customized element info

So, here is how to make a Label display the surface setting of a Wall in Elevation: First, let me tell you what makes this possible. The first part of the solution is the fact that in AC18 there is a new Label called Generic Label 18. This Label is c...


Hi folks. In noletoblog you can read a little presentation about Renovation - it can help mainly beginners. (It's in portuguese language, but there you have a translator, if it's necessary).

New ArchiCAD Tutorial: Using Morphs for Facade and Trim

I have just created a 24 minute video on the Morph tool for my YouTube channel: ArchiCAD Tutorial | Using Morphs for Facade and Trim As you are probably well aware, morphs are a powerful and flexible modeling element. In this video I give a quick int...

Archicad 12 PDF Printing Problem in MacOS Lion

ArchiCAD kept crashing on me when trying to print to PDF through the Navigator Publisher. After some reading I found that the absence of JAVA in MacOS Lion was the probable culprit. I installed JAVA per the thread below and ArchiCAD 12 is working per...

mc0m by Newcomer
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Guastavino Vault

How would I model a guastavino vault? I know roughly how to create the simple barrel vaults, however I'd like to be able to create a kind of roof structure which curves down to the ground/columns. Thanks.

Doors and Windows List for Modules

Hi there, I hope this is the right place to post this for help. I have a large project that requires using modules. eg, module type 1 is placed into project file 50 time and module type 2 is also placed into the project file 50 time. 100 units in tot...

Kitchen Cabinets/units

I am trialing archicad to see if it is suitable for my main function -Kitchen Design. From what I can see there are very few kitchen cabinets available in the standard library, so few in fact I can't see how an architect can design a kitchen of any u...