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Importing favorites as a prf in Archicad 26

I am trying to import Favorites into a new Archicad 26 project from another Archicad 26 project using prf files. Some of the favorites import perfectly but some only import the name with a question mark for the thumbnail. These favorites also have no...

favorites error.PNG
JR1 Participant
  • 3 replies

Revit cells not working

I have to create seating for a sports areana. Typical theater seating. A number of vendors but only one in the US has Revit files. None of the others have anything and none in Europe even come close. When I copy even one of there files into the Archi...

Funny Numeric Input Issue

Hi all, I am encounter funny numeric input issue. When I tried to move an element and started the dimension, the first digit got highlighted and disappeared when I typed in the second digit. It wasn't like that in previous Archicad, I wonder any quic...

N3N4 Participant
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Custom cabinet door not appearing in list

Hello!I would greatly appreciate any tips you might have regarding a custom cabinet door I have created that does not appear in the list you get in the cabinet object's settings. The custom cabinet door is in the embedded library. I've attached a cou...

HelenEc Participant
  • 6 replies

problem at foundation corners

Running into this issue and despite reading some similar posts, can't for the life of me sort this out. I have a foundation that when shown in "Show all" plan is show to connect at corners correctly. When shown in "Foundation Plan", they are shown as...