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HTTP Request

HiI need to make a HTTP request with the GET method, in this form:¶m2=val2Request prepared as:request = GS::StaticCast (clientConnection->CreateRequest ());There was some example which takes the requestMeth...

Create a new Model View Options

Hi,In a custom Add-On i try to create a new custom Model View Options. Using the "ACAPI_Attribute_Get" i can get access the API_Attribute properties and in that properties i can get any specific Model View Options related properties. But when i try t...

Jahidur by Participant
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store selection sets as .mod

Hi, i got a hint to ask in this forum for a solution to store selection sets as .mod files using some sort of code.Unfortunatly with the Python API it is not possible to do that. But the Idea of a Design Forum memver was to use some sort of C++ Add-o...

vr by Participant
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Resolved! Multiple add-ons not loading

HiI created two add-ons, each having its own unique 'Local ID', and my developer ID. Each works fine when loaded independently at a time in Archicad 25. But when I try to load both of them in the same instance of Archicad, only one works.Could it be ...

Resolved! Modifying selection-set using a list of guids

Hi I am trying to modify a selection set, based on a list of guids, by looping through the guid-list and calling the following function for each guid: void MyPalette::ModifySelection(const GS::UniString& elemGuidStr) { ACAPI_Element_Select({ API_Neig...