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Python Version

Does anyone know if the hew release of Python 3.10 will run with the latest version of the Archicad Python API -- 25.3000. The new release is due out in October and i am particularly interested in using the new "match" feature. I know i could just wa...

store selection sets as .mod

Hi, i got a hint to ask in this forum for a solution to store selection sets as .mod files using some sort of code.Unfortunatly with the Python API it is not possible to do that. But the Idea of a Design Forum memver was to use some sort of C++ Add-o...

vr by Participant
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Resolved! Python Status in Archicad

I wondering what the status of the Python API is in Archicad. I know that another update has been promised but When?? in the mean time -- to demonstrate possible automation techniques, I made up a little Construction Sequence video using Python and t...

Parking Space Numbering Python Script | Oriented Grid

Hi there,I am new to Python scripting and I was trying to adapt a script from Graphisoft called "Parking Space Numbering" to suit my needs for a first exercise.I am able to modify plenty of things but I get stuck with the path that the numbering foll...

MaFarine by Contributor
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KeyNote Demonstration in Archicad 25

I made up a video which demonstrates a keynote application in Archicad 25 using Python an the new Add-On Command Handler.My idea is to demo what might be possible and what a keynote application features should have. IOW-- What do you like about this ...

Python Add-On Command Handler Error

I am trying to create a application which inputs parameters from a Python dialog to configure and place a Library Part. When I call the Python application internal to Archicad the program "hangs" at the point of library part placement. When I then ex...

Automation: Recurring execution of publishing

Hi fellow developers!I started 2 new hobby open source projects at github: Python scripts for Archicad Additional JSON/Python Commands Add-On for Archicad The python scripts and the Add-On both works with Archicad 25 (build 2450) or later.Python scri...

A new generation of Python solutions

Hello everyone, I am beanjs, the author of the xbimer platform. I have been exploring the use of python in archicad for more than 3 years, and today I brought a new generation of python solutions to archicad.xBIMer is a python sdk plugin designed for...

beanjs by Newcomer
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