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Resolved! Problem with Selecting Window in Ground Floor View

I created a window by using the WALLHOLE command in 3D script and the LINE2 and ARC2 commands in 2D script section. But I cannot select the window in Ground Floor View. Clicking on the drawn lines of the window the command "Enter Rotation Vector of S...

WORLD COORDINATE Extraction Information GDL Issue?

Hello everybody, I have to coordinate 22 project on a building field. I created a Site-model and placed 22 Instanz from the GDLObjet of the ArchicaRd library (Baugrenzen). I placed a ObjectWorld coordinate for every Building-area. This Instance show ...

Param-O - Extrusions

I fully understand how to extrude linear shapes using the Extrusion Parameter, but i can not figure out how to produce a curved or rotated extrusion. Is this possible??? Just to be clear - I am not asking how to rotate a shape. Thanks,

gdford by Contributor
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World Coordinate object issue

Hello everyone, using the world coordinate object I'm encountering a little problem(or limitation of the object itself), I'm unable to show more than 2 decimal after seconds(even if I set 4 decimal in project origin), I try to change working unit and...

Resolved! How to reset DrawIndex?

Hi everyone, As we all know, we use Drawindex function to set the order of visibility of any element we script. My question is, after we use Drawindex function in any part of the script, how do we reset it back to its original state ?

Loop Parameter Reset

Hi all, If I have a loop of 1 to N utilising the parameter X=A, where A is some previously defined value, is it possible to pick out when i=G then X=B without needing to save A to a new parameter so that for other steps the original value is still ut...