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Resolved! GDL Array parameters size

Hi!Is it possible to create a parameter with dynamic size?Lets say that I have a construction C1, and I want to add another to the array C2, but I don't know how many constructions will be added from different users.Is it possible to add new input to...

GDL Polyline Object Search

Has anyone scripted a version of the amazing GDL polyline for use in 2D detailing? I'm looking for something that could be used with any livetype including the double line, fillet the turns automatically close both these examples (mocked-up...


i start to work with LAYOUT_CHANGE_HISTORY.Documantation says that: LAYOUT_CHANGE_HISTORY [1] is Revision ID and LAYOUT_CHANGE_HISTORY [2] is Change ID ....The Change ID only works correct, when in "Book Settings", the Option "Number by Revisions" is...

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update objects GDL script on Mac

Hi ArchiCAD developpers,I have recently worked on a GDL object in ArchiCAD 21 and used it in a project in version 23.I updated several times the script in AC 21 as I needed several changes to the object and it updated flawlesly in AC 23 with all the ...

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Tutorial for PUT&GET?

Hi,I've been looking for examples but haven't found any except for the manual. Any basic youtube (or other) tutorials someone know?/Mats

2D script related with Plan Section Plane

Hi,I want to create a 2d script for plan view related with the height of the height of section plane.For example I want that if the height of the section plane is set up to 1 m, I see a rectangular.If the the height of the section plane is set more t...

Making custom curtain wall panels clip instead of scale

Hello GDL coders!Over at the "workin in archicad" section, I posted a question about how to make a custom curtain wall panel cut instead of scale. It was sugested that I need to modify something in the script for the object to achieve this. If anyone...

Accessories - curved wall

Hi,There is an object that show the surface of a wall on the plan. It use the wall add-on accessories.The problem is that when the wall is bend on a certain direction, the information displayed is inversed (When the wall is bending toward the exterio...

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