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Reveal settings parameters?

On an automatic appearing tab page of windows appears the following:Is it possible toa) place this tab on another position (mabe the 2nd)? It always appears on the last or second last page.b) to use those 5 setting parameters anywhere else in the Use...



Hi GDL experts, I have been reading about UI_CUSTOM_POPUP_INFIELD. I can get it to work in the Interface, however I am wondering how I can feed the result back to a parameter. For example: Interface Script:UI_CUSTOM_POPUP_INFIELD "MyParameter", 15, 7...

Resolved! "Locking" available dimensions to set points

Hello, I am trying to lock a point to only be set to specific points. Usually I would just use Step in a Values line to define it but the points aren't evenly spaced throughout it all. Here is the script I currently have but I'm having some issues wi...

JGoode by Enthusiast
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I built a window with WALLNICHES and Filling Blocks and wanted to have the same line colors and line weights in 2D and sections. In floor plan it works well with the LINE_PROPERTY command, but in section this seems not to work. Are there any alternat...


Resolved! Issue with APPLICATION_QUERY()

Hello, First of all, the new forum layout is terrible Anyway, I'm having an issue with APPLICATION_QUERY() and I tried and tried solutions but to no avail so I come here for help. I have a MEP library part with two connections for water supply. I wan...

Visible lines in elevation view in Wallniche

I am creating a window with rounded niches.For this I use a WALLNICHE command for the cutout and a PRISM_ command for the rounded fill body.Both PRISM_ and WALLNICHE have invisible contour lines at the planned connection points,but in the finished ob...