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XML Converter Password

Hi all,Does anyone know how to get the XML Converter to work with password protected objects? "...\LP_XMLConverter.exe" libpart2xml "[object path]" "[save path]" The Help option indicates the use of [-password pwd] but I cannot figure out where to pl...

Slave object followed another object

Hello,I use patches through labels so that my 2D drawings follow my 2d and 3D objects (in elevation too). My wish is to find a way to make an object followed by another object or any point : a bit like a label but containing a 3D script. Is it possib...

Where are the default light controls?

A long time ago I have scripted some simple lamp objects in which the basic light control are shown in the settings dialog box (attached image). The UI script of this object is blank; the controls show up by default, simply because it is classified a...

Durval by Booster
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2D View Issue

Hello,I just recently started figuring out the basics for GDL scripting. From what I've read, if there is no 2D script, then the 2D symbol is what should be displayed in the 2D view. For a recessed light fixture, I deleted the 2D script and drew the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Leaf thickness for door marker

I'm trying to make a custom door marker. One piece of information I want to use is the door leaf thickness. I have been trying to wade through the door script to find out what the parameter might be called with no success. I am looking for the parame...

Looking for tutorial on MVO Minimal Space

Hi,I haven't found any tutorial about how to use Minimal Space in MVO. I just want to see a simple cube surrounded by the line/fill representing the Minimal Space and how to program that in GDL so that MVO recognizes it. If you know a tutorial please...

RGB fills

Hi!I can create RGB fills by exploding a pdf file which includes colored fills. Sorting them by color seems to be impossible, or am I wrong? Anyway it would be nice to create RGB fills in 2d script in same way as You can define material in 3d script....