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LCF creation

Am I missing something...I have created a collection of related objects & macros which are neatly organised in the Embedded library in sub folders. The create LCF option only seems to allow export of the complete Embedded library which is full of all...

Resolved! Composite Skin Label for Core Material Only

Hello, I am trying to write a GDL script for a composite Skin label that will only list the core material name.I am running into problems with the below IF statement. It should be "If the wall_skins_params skin status is 1 then my variable 'elemBMATD...

sikho by Participant
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Column elevation

How do I find out the elevation of a column in scripting? Slabs have SLAB_ELEVATION_TOP, beams have BEAM_ELEVATION_TOP, etc...but I can't find anything for columns. What am I missing?

Bruce by Booster
  • 3 replies

Resolved! How to program a 2D star?

Hi,I suspect an illusive script with PUT is how it should be done but I can't figure it out.I'm after a in attach... I got stuck in for next loops which resulted in all kinds of funny figures but no star so far...:)/Mats 


Resolved! gdl unit of text

Hi, I am a newbie in coding. sometimes i try to cook something but i end up spoiling the broth. i spent the last 30min reading the gdl editor on strings and integers but that thing is way to complex for me. I am trying to change the units of the valu...


Resolved! EDU license serial number via AC API / GDL REQUEST

Hi, For an EDU license the GDL REQUEST options "program_info" and "Configuration_Number" return keySerialNumber=0 and empty string for "stConfigurationNumber". I assume the AC API does the same thing (

bschwb by Booster
  • 6 replies

Resolved! GDL object editable hotspot not working

Hi, I've a project in which a large number of a gdl object are placed. The object have a parameter which can be set by moving hotspot. The problem is that the editing hotspot of the placed objects is not working (after dragging it gets back to the or...

VPeter by Participant
  • 5 replies

Automaton - New Open Source GDL Project

Dear all.I was busy in past half year developing a new set of tools for Archicad. Now I feel it's time to share - what I'm actually working on. It's a new program, written completely on GDL (on Archicad 10, by the way), called Automaton. The idea beh...

Automaton England.jpg

Resolved! Read list schemes data from gdl object

Hi, I’ve had a lot of time struggling searching for a way to read the data of a text list into a gdl object to output that info into a table like a schedule with more complex data and format that schedules can’t do. I’ve spend a lot of time trying wi...