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Making custom curtain wall panels clip instead of scale

Hello GDL coders!Over at the "workin in archicad" section, I posted a question about how to make a custom curtain wall panel cut instead of scale. It was sugested that I need to modify something in the script for the object to achieve this. If anyone...

Accessories - curved wall

Hi,There is an object that show the surface of a wall on the plan. It use the wall add-on accessories.The problem is that when the wall is bend on a certain direction, the information displayed is inversed (When the wall is bending toward the exterio...

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GLOB_SUN_AZIMUTH shows default value

Hi, I would like to read GLOB_SUN_AZIMUTH value and put it to array parameter then change sun position and again add new value to an array. Master script looks like this if glob_ui_button_id = UI_SET then count = vardim1(list) list[count+1] = GLOB_SU...

Wall Reference Line Global for Labels?

Is there a Wall Reference Line Global for Labels or a REQUEST?I need the position of the Wall Reference Line in relation to the outer edge of the wall, requested from a label that is connected to the wall, see image.

Resolved! need to clean lines of tube and merge tube+revolve

Hi, everyone.I'm trying to make an object with a clean 3D look.I can't figure out what status code and mask I should use to make the object like on the image. I need two versions:a) obj with all lines, except rounded edges (image 1). Images 2, 3 are ...

How to Get Master Layout sizes

Hi!I'm looking for measures in order to request the master layout sizes (width, height), when placed on the master layout. Is there a way, to get those values?Thanks in advance!

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  • 6 replies

Disable Lable UI

I read it anywhere, but I can't find it anymore:Is there a way to disable some of the standard UI panes of the label tool by GDL commands?

Cylinder and Elbow Intersection

Hello All,I'm using cylinders and elbows to make a bath tub faucet. Is there a way to eliminate the line between the intersection of the cylinder and elbow, the line appears in 3d, plan and elevation.Or is there a better tool that I should be using t...

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  • 13 replies

Make Bounding Box HotSpots not editable

Hy,I started developing some small objects for inhouse use and created a prototype for a small adjustable oject which adds objects along its way. This is working ok, but I want the outer corner to be Hotspots which are not editable, just to be able t...

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