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Moving part of an objet with a hotspot

I am trying to put in place an objet that has a 3D form and 2D éléments, the red lines (please see images). I would like to allow the user to move manually the 2D lines in red. The 2D red lines are on itself an objet that is called into the final obj...

afaria by Newcomer
  • 11 replies

Subtype object parameters merging

Hello!This comes to my mind when I make a new object.Is there a way to explode the type object parameters (blue in UI) ?What I ´m looking is that I could compose parameters by choosing many subtypes one after another. Now if my object has a subtype a...

Curtain Wall Frame Cutting Planes

Hello ARCHICAD Community,Can I anyone point me to a resource (e.g. user manual) to explain the functionality of the cutting planes for curtain wall frames?How do the "axes" for Cutting Plane parameters differ for the various frame types:-Transom-Boun...

Can I script a parametric ellipsoidal shape?

Hello,I've attached an image and I was wondering how to do it. Firstly, is this achievable?The idea is basically to create a rounded shape but allow these dimensions to be added in to create it.Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks

JGoode by Enthusiast
  • 23 replies


Just wondering if anyone has a working solution for the display of Building Material hatches in the 2D plan?I have a component using multiple materials which in section & elevation display as expected. When I move to view in 2D with an appropriately ...

Call macro and parameters all

Hi,I try to understand macros. Some elements from Graphisoft include this part of the script. call "macro", parameters all alpha = alpha Why do I need "alpha = alpha", when the name of the variable is the same in the caller object and in the macro? T...

Manuel by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

How to make a schedule for parameter arrays in GDL?

Hello everyone,I have some arrays of plates inside a GDL such as XY, ID, size, and colorQuestion: Is there any way to make a 2D schedule to calculate some parameter array like as quantity of plates, size, ID... also inside that GDL (button to display...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Hard limit for embedded images?

Hi Graphisoft,I was wondering if there was a hard limit for embedding images in a GSM file ? Is it with the total number of embedded images, size, another unknown criteria ?Thanks in advance

Resolved! Using returned request parameters in IF statements

HiI am currently trying to develop an door and window marker to display a particular manufacturers code dependent on size, window type and transom location. I have successfully managed to return the information and display it via a text box however I...