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Automatic Date calculation

I'm wondering if it's possible to write a gdl object to calculate a future date from the current date?I'm aware of using a REQUEST to get current system date into the format that I need, for example x = REQUEST ("DateTime", "%d.%m.%Y", datetimestring...

Looking for a stretcher tool

Hello,I've made my own stretcher tool with gdl. script but this one does not suit me beecause I am not able to create a good parametric stretcher tool.I have not found any tool like this into BIMcomponent.Does anyone have got a stretcher-tool.gsm to ...

List macros

Hi!I would like to create an Archicad list. I have many object which has unique IDs as a parameter. I would like to list these IDs, but this .gsm's are used as a macro. Is there any way that the Archicad list finds the macro object and return these I...

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Wall End Core Offset

Hi all,Any chance someone has modified the Wall End Wrapped object to get it to work with a Finish Thickness in some way?Ling.

"Button" with Hyperlink on the Floorplan/Worksheet

Hey, I am curious if there is any possibility to have an object (or something similar) which acts like a button which can be given any type of hyperlink and when it's placed on the floorplan and you click on it, you will automatically forwarded to e....

JSN by Booster
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Resolved! Fixed Named Optional Parameters in Labels

Hi,how do I read the value of a associated library part's Fixed Named Optional Parameter in a label? I tried REQUEST ("Property_Value_Of_Parent" and REQUEST ("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE", but none of these seem to work.Generally speaking, I can sucessfuly read...

Resolved! Questioning about Backward Migration Script !!!

Hi there,I was reading ArchiCAD GDL Reference Guide about Backward Migration, and I have found the following in the guide, Backward migration only works for one version back, so the targetGUID only needs to be set once (except when you make a fork in...

2D Text Limitation in Opening Tool

Are there any limitations in the 2D Script of the new(23) Opening Tool. I have to create a 2D text, but it's only shown in the Preview, but not in the plan. Anothe Problem is that i want to show this text outside the opening boundaries, but 2 D Eleme...

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