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Resolved! Math Bricking 2D

These are two lines within my 3D script dictated by a boolean: louvre_seal_width = ( 2 * d - 2 * dp * (n - 1) - 2 * gs_louvre_thk * cos (gs_louvre_opening_angle) ) / ( 2 * sin (gs_louvre_opening_angle) ) louvre_seal_width = ( d - dp * (n - 1) + 3 * L...

Black objects/No texture

Hello, I have a problem since I've upgraded to Archicad 23.All new objects that I download (from pages such as 3darchive, archibaseplanet) seems normal in library, but when I place it it doesn't have any texture or colour - it's pure black. All of th...

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Determine scale in the master script.

Is there any way to determine the scale in the master script?Since version 20 it will always default to a value of 100.The issue I have is I have created a label that reads text values from objects.The text is stretchy and will adjust with the label ...

Resolved! surrouding box of an object

If an object (a simple cube) has an offset (for example, half of its height above origin) when I click to move it (but have it done yet) the surrounding box of an object is displayed incorrectly.3D script addz zzyzx/2 hotspot 0,0, zzyzx hotspot 0,0, ...

A_ Smith by Enthusiast
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Refresh the variable

Hallo,how do I reset the value of the variable "delka_2" if I change the value of the variable "sklon"?It makes a mistake in the floor plan. See picture. The length of the line changes but the distance of the point no longer.Thank you MAIN code IF GL...

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Custom MVO by classification

Hi scraptrash,Generally speaking you should definitely explore GDL as it opens so many possibilities, and it is an easy coding language to learn especially if you already code.For your purpose however GDL and MVO's are not the solution. You use custo...

Library Part Maker door height problem

Hi,Using the time in between xmas and new years eve to do things I don't have the time to normally. Now I tried the Library Part Maker and it seem pretty straight forward but I have a proble with the wall opening height that defaults to a measure whi...

Param-O Subtype

Hi,I hope this post is in the right place;).1. Can I define the subtype in param-O or only in the gdl-editor?2. Is there a command to implement some GDL-Scripts in param-O like python in Grasshopper?Thanks;)

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