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PARAM-O development roadmap? (with Survey)

[Note by Moderator: Please make sure to fill out the Development Survey. Link to the Survey can be found in the 3rd post of this topic.]Since PARAM-O is described as a technology demo of sorts, what is the development roadmap for this plugin? There a...

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  • 32 replies

Resolved! Material // Fill Direction in section/elevation

I've programmed a Door for a shower wall and the Material Fill is mirrored if the Door is mirrored.It looks very jarring compared to the Glas wall next to it.Is it somehow possible to define the direction of the fill based on the Global direction as ...

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  • 4 replies

Automatic Date calculation

I'm wondering if it's possible to write a gdl object to calculate a future date from the current date?I'm aware of using a REQUEST to get current system date into the format that I need, for example x = REQUEST ("DateTime", "%d.%m.%Y", datetimestring...

Looking for a stretcher tool

Hello,I've made my own stretcher tool with gdl. script but this one does not suit me beecause I am not able to create a good parametric stretcher tool.I have not found any tool like this into BIMcomponent.Does anyone have got a stretcher-tool.gsm to ...

List macros

Hi!I would like to create an Archicad list. I have many object which has unique IDs as a parameter. I would like to list these IDs, but this .gsm's are used as a macro. Is there any way that the Archicad list finds the macro object and return these I...

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Wall End Core Offset

Hi all,Any chance someone has modified the Wall End Wrapped object to get it to work with a Finish Thickness in some way?Ling.

"Button" with Hyperlink on the Floorplan/Worksheet

Hey, I am curious if there is any possibility to have an object (or something similar) which acts like a button which can be given any type of hyperlink and when it's placed on the floorplan and you click on it, you will automatically forwarded to e....

JSN by Booster
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Fixed Named Optional Parameters in Labels

Hi,how do I read the value of a associated library part's Fixed Named Optional Parameter in a label? I tried REQUEST ("Property_Value_Of_Parent" and REQUEST ("ASSOCLP_PARVALUE", but none of these seem to work.Generally speaking, I can sucessfuly read...