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Resolved! How do I state GDL units?

Hi GuysSlowly teaching myself the basics of GDL. But one thing that confuses me is object units default to meters.So my 450mm chair is 450m, even though my project is set to mmIs there a command for this? I tried searching the forum but had no luck.

Textblock: Font type

Hi all,I'm trying to create a multipurpose textblock function. Basically its working but I have trouble with setting correct font style and font face.Any ideas why? AC finds no errors. !-- Init _iPgNr = 0 _iBkNr = 0 p_to_m = GLOB_SCALE / 1000 !-- Syl...

Unfold Parameters in UI

When I open the UI the parameters are always folded up this way: but I like to have them unfolded, without clicking every arrow, like this:

Sequential numbering

I want to create a simple shape that displays an increasing number.I tried the following, but it does not work suggestions?

Using a Text File result to change parameters

Hi GDL experts,I am working with a simple txt. file to figure out how it can work. I have the code working that can search the first column of the text file and return a code based on the column number as below: ch=OPEN("data",”Simple.txt”,"MODE=RO, ...

Resolved! Number or Text Result in Macro

Hi GDL Experts,My goal is to have the user change the parent object, using drop down value lists, that select various subroutines from the child object. In the child object, I use the values{2} code to create values lists. From the values lists, I us...

Moving Hotspots

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of movable hotspots nodes that can be defined in the 2D code for an object. It seems that I can only get 12 to work, anything past that and they stay frozen in there position. Thanks

Slab-like GDL or Param-O object for city planning?

Hi!I'm working on a template for city planning and am currently looking for ways to easily mimic buildings in an early stage. Right now I'm using composite slabs with every story a different material, the materials being whatever functions the buildi...

Kaj_AL by Participant
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Mirror objects boolean in GDL

Hi all,I'm relatively new in GDL and creating scripts. I was looking for how to create a mirror parameter in existing AC library parts through GDL scripting, so the object can be mirrored with a simple click, rather than mirror the geometry manually ...

How To Get Control Address By DGModelessInit

I make Modeless Dialog MyDialog::Init(){ diagId=DGModelessInit( ACAPI_GetOwnResModule() , ID_DIALOG , ACAPI_GetOwnResModule() , GroupSheetDlgCallBack , (DGUserData)&dlgData , 1); } But I can't change Control Width By DG Commands.So I try Control Addr...

icon by Newcomer
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