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Zone Wall Relation

Hello!Is there any way for a zone to know the coordinates of the surrounding walls' surface polygons openings included?Best wishes to y'all!

Paalanen by Participant
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Resolved! drawing title object not working in AC25

We have been using a custom drawing title object since AC20 with no issues. Now that we are using AC25, the title is behaving correctly ON SCREEN, but when we print or save as PDF, the title object displays the information for ALL drawings on the lay...

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.28.30 PM.png Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.29.02 PM.png

Resolved! Creating elements from GDL code

Is it possible to create Arhicad elements (polyline, grid, hatching, wall, beam, hole, etc.) directly from the GDL script code? To access or change their properties?

Resolved! GDL - How can I get user-defined properties?

Hello. I can retrieve the core and IFC properties with Application Query Options.But I cannot retrieve the user-defined properties with this query.The reference guide describes it as follows. These queries don’t return user-defined properties. Then h...

Resolved! From Tiff to SVG

Hello everyone, I would like to know if there was an option to turn back/convert embedded TIFF image in library part to their original SVG (or similar) using LP_XMLConverter ? Thank you


Please correct the GDL Reference Guide; GLOB_CUTPLANES_INFO[1] returns the zzyzx minus the cutplane height, not the cutplane height itself.

Resolved! How do I state GDL units?

Hi GuysSlowly teaching myself the basics of GDL. But one thing that confuses me is object units default to meters.So my 450mm chair is 450m, even though my project is set to mmIs there a command for this? I tried searching the forum but had no luck.

Textblock: Font type

Hi all,I'm trying to create a multipurpose textblock function. Basically its working but I have trouble with setting correct font style and font face.Any ideas why? AC finds no errors. !-- Init _iPgNr = 0 _iBkNr = 0 p_to_m = GLOB_SCALE / 1000 !-- Syl...

Unfold Parameters in UI

When I open the UI the parameters are always folded up this way: but I like to have them unfolded, without clicking every arrow, like this: