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Resolved! Texture stretch

Can I somehow stretch a texture (be it inline or project based)?I can set the origin with COOR{3} – but I can't figure out how to stretch a texture to be a certain size.The vectors seem to be realigned to be unit vectors, so their length don't contri...

runxel by Mentor
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What triggers a gdl object to redraw itself?

I noticed that "Survey Coordinate Object 25" automatically updates the coordinates displayed when the survey coordinates are changed through the "Location Settings..." menu. I have written objects that display parameter values derived from model info...

TB by Participant
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Parameter script default value

Hallo all, When I creat a new Parameter (para1) inside an existing object it has a default value. Let's say the value is "".now I change the value of the parameter in the Masterscript, then write in the Parameter script (Parameters para1 = Parameters...

Ady84a by Booster
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Resolved! edges of Poly2_b{5} curves convert to HotArc2

Hi Experts, I would like to add some clickable edges to a Poly2_b{5}. At the moment I can only click in the middle of the Poly2_b{5} fill to select it. I need to be able to select the outer perimeter for aligning the edges to other objects. I can mat...

ac_roofang parameter ridiculling since AC 23

I use ac_roofang parameter to just report the angle inside the skylight objects...(and to change the angle if used as object) And... funfact is that the functionality kind of broke since AC 23, if the parameter is left open in parameter is ...

UI_RADIOBUTTON ignoring second array index

Hi All, I am trying to use UI_RADIOBUTTON with a 2 dimensional array parameter. However if I ask for _param[i][j], it will always store the value in [i][i] instead, making this command useful in the diagonal matrix only. I hope I am not missing somet...

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 12.38.07.png

Resolved! GDL - Acquiring element attributes in custom labels

Hi all! I'm new to GDL and I'm attempting to do a custom label that is able to identify which type of element is being labeled and then is able to put out its surface information, according to the type identified. For example: if the labeled element ...

GDL: wallniche & inline defined materials

Just to confirm: in the current version of wallniche it is not possible to use custom made inline scripted materials.Fighting with it...and always get the greyish something, so it works as a first version of the cutform.So it would be a good idea jus...