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Resolved! Hotspot, default selection point for library parts

Hello everyone,Does someone know if there is a way to change the default selection point on a libray part?I created a custom library part with a 2D Symbol and I added a hotspot in the position where I want to "grab" the object:Now, when I select the ...

2d symbol.png library preview.png

Units of Auto Script from Dropped Geometry?

Is there a way to control the units of the auto script generated from dropping drawn geometry into a script window? For many years it seemed to follow the working units, or at least I was OK with it being FFI in USA usage. Now all the values are alwa...

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 2.01.04 PM.png

Refresh Elements LibPart

Hi everyone, after I change params of a libPart the changes do not get updated in Archicad right away.(Even after ReloadLibraries) ACAPI_LibPart_GetParams(libPart.index, &a, &b, &parNum, ¶ms); ACAPI_LibPart_GetSect_ParamDef(&libPart, params, &a, &b, ...

stahL by Beginner
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Resolved! GDL - Cross-platform issue (windows, mac)

Hi! I have noticed, that a simple text ( paragraph > textblock > richtext ) shows different results in mac, and windows platform. Here are the pictures from the issue: the font is installed, but I tried with different font also - the result is the sa...

mac_temp.png win_temp.png

Text in Elevation in GDL object

Hi all,Is it possible to add text (text2 or alike) for the elevational/sectional view of a GDL object? The 2D script affects only the plan view. Thanks.

Resolved! Change swing direction text on door

Hei everyone, I am working on the AC25 norwegian version and I would like to change the swing direction text on doors.Swing direction in norwegian is H (høyre = right) or V (venstre = left). How can I change this text from H-V to the english R-L?