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Bug Archicad 24 IFC Import

Hello all! I´m having a problem importing a IFC file (Ventilation file) to Archicad 24 only. (ok on 23 and 25)When I import the file by the end this message appears. I have the Archicad MEP library already link on the project. If I press Locate Libra...

Screenshot 2021-09-20 082609.jpg

Slab-like GDL or Param-O object for city planning?

Hi!I'm working on a template for city planning and am currently looking for ways to easily mimic buildings in an early stage. Right now I'm using composite slabs with every story a different material, the materials being whatever functions the buildi...

Kaj_AL by Participant
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Customizing Grid tool prefixes, indexes and suffixes

I'm from Georgia and I make projects in Georgian languages and it would be very useful for me to import Georgian alphabet in grid tool. Could anyone support me to add Georgian alphabet to grid tool?E.G.:A,B,C...a,b,c...I,II,II...ა,ბ,გ... <<< My langu...

Using Param-O to parameterise old dumb objects

Is there a way to drag or import an existing GDL object (or a selected group of elements from an ArchiCAD window) for parametrization in Param-O?Otherwise Param-O looks like a pretty excruciating way to assemble an object with complex geometry if it ...

Param-o HotKeys

Are there hotkeys for paramo?A faster way to disconnect a node connection would be very nice.

gdford by Contributor
  • 5 replies

PARAM-O object partially showed in section

Hi!I made a foot anchor for wood pillars with PARAM-O. The metallic part is made completely with nodes, instead the concrete foundation is made starting with a profile (cause I don't know how to make it with nodes). The problem is that in section the...

elle83 by Participant
  • 8 replies


Hello everyone, Have you started using PARAM-O? What are your impressions, experiences so far? Any examples to share?I am curious to hear what do you think about it.Kind regards, Gordana

Gordana by Community Manager
  • 22 replies

Param-O learning Resources

I've started working with Param-o and think it's great!However there are a number of things that really aren't covered in the help documentation. This really is rudimentary and needs some tutorials. Even the basic command reference guide isn't terrib...