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Skylight visibility

Hi everyone I am trying to create a real rough and ready ( = FAST) 3D view. My skylights are not showing in my 3D document view, I see them in the Generic Perspective, elevations, plans, everywhere else. The view settings are the same as my other vie...

Resolved! 3D view not fully generated

Can someone help me, I'm using ArchiCAD 26, and 3d view is not fully generated (?). I don't do anything, when I reopen the file, it became like shown in attached picture. Thanks    

3dv (1).png 3dv (2).png

The layer below is raised, but the lines appear.

In the 3D view, what is the reason for the phenomenon that is visible only on the 27th floor but not on other floors? How should I handle the small lines that appear when switching to 3D Document? This phenomenon also appears when the column at the b...

LeeJaeYoung_0-1685893163485.png LeeJaeYoung_1-1685893205498.png LeeJaeYoung_2-1685893370915.png LeeJaeYoung_3-1685893532612.png

Resolved! 2D Workplace from 3D Cutaway

Hi,I am fairly new in Archicad and I am not able to get what (I think) it's a easy result:I would like to extract to a 2D workplace the section shown by the 3D cutaway.I have checked a couple of tutorial and posts, but I cannot get a new 2D workplace...

2023-05-26 10_02_02-li211_pl_230523_WienStadioncenter+IFC - ARCHICAD 25 - __Remote.png 2023-05-26 10_04_01-li211_pl_230523_WienStadioncenter+IFC - ARCHICAD 25 - __Remote.png 2023-05-26 10_04_50-li211_pl_230523_WienStadioncenter+IFC - ARCHICAD 25 - __Remote.png
lcdega by Contributor
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Hi, Can someone help with how I can download the buildings material into ma PC? for example Colours or wall materials. I need to save it in my pc and use them for layouts presentation

Resolved! Wall ID and IFC exchange

Hello.I think this is the week for problems. It's my second post this week (ha,ha). I am working on a project and have exchanged IFC files with our MEP consultant. The design has continued to be refined and some walls in the model were deleted and ne...

Resolved! Fence object with Inclination (like the railing object)

Hi, I need to show a fence on a steep block, this is next to a publicly owned easement, and the local council is requesting the information, so I want everything to look as close to how it will look when built. There will be a 1.8m high paling fence ...