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Resolved! not for construction - watermark

hey i have been searching for some time now to have the best practice when it comes to placing watermarks on preliminary drawings but it seems nothing work. -if i put watermark in master layout its appearing behind the views and i cant bring i...


Resolved! Schedules. Add more information from model, in this case, doors

Hi! im setting up yet another door schedule. I would like to know if there is a way to add more parameters to the schedule directly from the door settings. Im thinking about: -knob type (maybe with a small image of the dood knob) and knob height -doo...

jl_lt by Mentor
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Text - copying and pasting

Why is text so rubbish in Archicad compared to Revit! The main issue for me personally, is not being able to copy text from a website or pdf and put this text into a label or textbox without the piece of text using the original font.... is there a wa...

Resolved! What is the purpose of the "Boundary" linetype?

Graphisoft has long included the linetype "Boundary" as a standard. Does it have any purpose? It is set up as a dashed line with the dash set as 2.00E+12 and the gap set at 0, so always appears solid. What does 2.00E+12 mean?

tjmillar by Enthusiast
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Font type adjusting to missing font.

I am working in ArchiCAD 22 I started to work with someone new and their template contains a font that first wasn't on my computer. I loaded the right font to my Windows 10, the template comes from a Mac. As I am trying to make sure the text is showi...

editing text missing font.JPG start of text.JPG

Graphic override for label

Hi,I have a simple Text/Autotext label. It is set as autotext, reading the associated element ID. I would like to override it based on the content of the autotext. Override works for "Text Content" but there is no "Autotext Content" criteria. Since l...

DavorP by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Transfer Window Door LABEL ONLY

I tried to create a TRANSFER SETTING that would copy a window / door LABEL only and syringe into another window / door... As LABEL is NOT identified as a unique item to transfer, I could not accomplish this.. I had to choose ALL OTHER SETTING, which ...

Lock associative label position after placing

I am looking for a way to ensure that my associative labels stop moving after I place them. The interior design team at my firm spends a lot of time adjusting and fixing labels throughout the documentation process, and do not like that associative la...

sdeisher by Contributor
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