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Resolved! Building Material IDs in Labels

A bit of a complicated question for the Hive Mind: is there a way i can grab the Building Material ID to be called up in a Label? we've been able to use the same methodology by calling up the Codes in the Surfaces using a Split command in the Propert...

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Resolved! Archicad narrows the fonts

While typing the font looks normal, but as soon as I finish and the text editor closes the font is narrowed. I does the same thing with all fonts, even the standart ones as ARIAL. On the screenshot here I show how the same font looks while typing and...


Resolved! Grid lines have the wrong height in IFC

Hi all, I am a BIM specialist for a contractor, so I don't model myself. We received a model from an architect which includes the gridlines, however the gridlines are not shown on the right heights. I am myself only familliar with Revit and not Archi...

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Dimension with opening height according to door sill.

Hi. I have modeled a door with a sill height of 0.6 m. The actual dimensions of the door should be 2.9 m x 1.7 m. The actual opening dimensions should be 2.9 m x 2.3 m. When I dimension the door, the dimension line indicates the height of the door an...

Door Opening Dimension.png

Level Dimension | Strange behaviour

Hi there, I got a problem on a BIMcloud project (old project that comes from AC19) where level dimensions are acting strangely. They leave a chemtrail when you zoom out of the project.. Any idea on how it can happen and how to solve that (other than ...