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Text - copying and pasting

Why is text so rubbish in Archicad compared to Revit! The main issue for me personally, is not being able to copy text from a website or pdf and put this text into a label or textbox without the piece of text using the original font.... is there a wa...

Graphic override for label

Hi,I have a simple Text/Autotext label. It is set as autotext, reading the associated element ID. I would like to override it based on the content of the autotext. Override works for "Text Content" but there is no "Autotext Content" criteria. Since l...

DavorP Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Transfer Window Door LABEL ONLY

I tried to create a TRANSFER SETTING that would copy a window / door LABEL only and syringe into another window / door... As LABEL is NOT identified as a unique item to transfer, I could not accomplish this.. I had to choose ALL OTHER SETTING, which ...

Lock associative label position after placing

I am looking for a way to ensure that my associative labels stop moving after I place them. The interior design team at my firm spends a lot of time adjusting and fixing labels throughout the documentation process, and do not like that associative la...

Missing Model View Options

Attempting to resurrect an old thread got no response... so I'll rehash the issue here in a NEW one!Model View Options go missing. This is a problem. We need a solution. This has been happening for years. Documents are going out to permit with no doo...

4dProof Advisor
  • 11 replies

Project Zero and Wall Height Reference Point

Curious to know what other people's standard operating procedure is for identifying top of wall locations and where you set your reference point or project zero. Do you use sea level, or do you go off of project zero? And, where do you usually decide...

EH21 Booster
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Section / Elevation Marker Fonts Changing

One of our designers has started to have the fonts on her elevation and section markers change from Arial to Helvetica when she opens our project files. The font change seems to only happen to these two markers, but it does not change on anyone other...