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Strange Object in Background

hi all, i all our BIMx models we get that strange grey "object" (not selectable) some hundred meters under our actual model (web and mobil) What is that? Anyone has that too? (Its visually annoying) Thanks for any hint

BIMx Viewer with Surface Pro X

Here it says it needs an OpenGL 2.1-compatible graphics card, so I would say that any recent computer should be able to run BIMx: As a comparison, Archicad 24 n...

BIMx model transfer down?

I have uploaded a BIMx model from Archicad. The upload was OK, so I got a link to the model by e-mail. When I click on the link that I would like to send to my client, the BIMx model transfer page doesn't work. I see just a header above the blank pag...

BimX Model Flicker

I have a fairly detailed house model with lots of complex profiles. When I export it to BIMX, the model has a terrible case of the flickers where it seems be having x-ray vision where joists can be seen thru ceilings and soffits and inner insulation ...

MaxamAC by Newcomer
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BiMX at Night

Hi I would like to know how we can do BiMX model for night view, where we can switch on and switch off internal lights and control the outside sky light. Thank you


Hello, I am using a BIMx file in Graphisoft BIMx Viewer of a home and the site site/property and was wondering if there is a way to use it to show a direct plan view looking down from above. Thus far I have just been able to fly up and look down and ...