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Complex Profile in Plan

I have created a complex profile for a foundation with a knee wall (image 1). Image 2 shows how the foundation in plan with the footer shown with continuous lines. However, I want the footer to be dashed lines as shown in image 3. Is there a setting ...

Resolved! Walls not intersecting properly

Does anyone know how to make these walls interact properly? I have two exterior walls which are both complex profiles. One is a typical 2x6 wall with some finish layers on it and the other has an added 2x6 layer which provides some aesthetic relief o...

Cut Off Label Text

I'm having a problem with the text of labels being cut off. I had to take a screen shot because when I printed a copy or made a PDF, the problem goes away. Still, we need to fix this before we PDF or print the job. It needs to be right on the compute...

Storing Standard Notes

How do you like to store standard sheet notes that can be stored into a template file? One way I've seen is to store it as a Favorite note or label. I've also heard of people saving notes in worksheets or on external PDFs. Thoughts on what is best an...

EH21 by Booster
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Doors - 3D view overide

I'm currently working with D1 Garage 02 24 as found in the Archicad24 library. I'm trying to show the garage door in the open position on the 3D, but show it as closed on the elevations. If I change the Detail Level in 3D to "off" the doors disappear...

Johann_P by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies