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Resolved! Oce 9800 Plotting Problems

We are running ArchiCAD 7.0 R3 on Windows 2000 and plot using Plotmaker 3.0. We send our plots to an outside printer using an Oce 9800 plotter. We have had problems with random half-toned text and lines. The same sheet may plot differently each time ...

Printing questions

Hello all, How do you all handle grey tones when you want your colored lines to print "true black". I know you can select the all to black option...but then the grey toning prints as black, this is not the effect I am looking for. I would like to pri...

rgarand by Participant
  • 3 replies

composite walls vs. simple wall fills

A Basic question about wall types: We do a lot of TI work in 1/8" scale--elaborated space planning straight to construction. We use perhaps 10 different wall types and track unit costing on these. In the past, we have used composite wall types but at...

Craig by Newcomer
  • 15 replies

resizing drawing scale in Plotmaker 3.1

I've just installed Plotmaker 3.1. I am looking forward to having Plotmaker retain the rescaled size of a drawing through an update. I just updated one of the drawings but the Scale option on the Drawing Attributes page is greyed out (not accessable)...

Detail Tool

When I create a detail using the Detail tool a rounded rectangular box is place on floor plan. The problem is when I open the item in the Navigator. The detail window is empty. Why? AC8v3r3, WinXp-Pro-Sp1,Xeon 3.06, 1g

YA_H_VE by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Plotmaker - Auto Text Problem

Presntly working with Plotmaker 3.0.0. R3 USA (6318) under Windows XP Proff. Plotmaker displays the drawing name as [Undefined Value]. The drawing name shows in the Layout settings window, and also un the Navigator window, next to the field propertie...