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I have set up model view options to show electrical objects, mostly lights as ELECTRIC in their symbols. On the plans they all look right. However when I go to the schedule and set the same model view options I continue to get the wrong symbols in th...

3D view on layout

Hello, It's been three hours that i've been searching for a very simple thing: my 3D views placed on layout aren't clear! I have seen some tutorials on enlarging the windows etc. But can't believe it's the way the software was designed to operate. He...

Resolved! Unalign skins in composite walls

I have a coposite internal wall comprising framing and plasterboard lining. I need one lining skin to extend down past the framing to cover the front of a step on which the framing is sitting. I think it can be done but have forgotten how. Any remind...

KeesW by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Element Visibility

I would like to see a new element parameter (Boolean) to control element visibility. Or a better approach would be an opacity parameter (0-100). With this control, one could create construction Phases (sequences) and have better control over renovati...

Zone label

Hi everyone, I would like to confirm wheater it's possible or not to have a label such as the one on the left but with the formulas from the one in the right side. As far as I understand we cannot call formulas into the the layout type on the left. I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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