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graphic scale for drawing title

I know there used to be an option for a Graphic Scale with one or some of the drawing titles, but I cannot seem to find it. There is an option to "load other drawing title" but where would I find other drawing titles?

Saving Labels in 23 and 24 - difference

When I save 2D Objects with autotext elements I can Create my own labels. Great. If I save 2D Objects with other labels as labels it works too!!! this is what i need. But it only works AC23 not in 24!? Why not? (In 23. it puts a "call" into the GDL)

Property Label Issues

Hi, I created a custom classification with properties for material tagging. It was working fine and then suddenly after updating the elevations the information disappeared. I checked the label and it's looking for the right custom property. The objec...

qbic-ft by Booster
  • 2 replies

Zone stamps

Is there a way to edit the frame of zone stamps so that they show similar to a label? for example turning on the pointer line in a label

Yvonne by Advocate
  • 0 replies

Excluding doors and windows from a CADimage schedule

Hi, just wondering what the best method was to exclude doors and windows from a CAD Image doors and windows schedule, based solely on plan location? I have a project involving many repeated modules, and where the base components used to define each m...

jostan by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Labeling selected elements

Hi I have a question about labeling multiple elements at once with Archicad24. In an older version of archicad there was an option called Label Selected Elements where as the name od the action is told it labels all the elements you have selected... ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Wall build ups:

Hey all, A problem I'm not sure how to fix! This could relate to a wall or roof but for this i will use a wall as an example. I am trying to create a timber frame wall with the following build up. Raised seem zinc. 12mm Plywood. 19x50mm Cross Battens...