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Resolved! Stair Break Numbering

Hi all, I have overlapping stairs of which I have set Below / Above Break Mark: Visible. This limits how much of the stair is drawn and the numbering coincides. The issue is that the the cut treads are numbered for both stairs resulting in an overlap...

All in one layout

Hello to all, I am wondering if there is a way to put all layouts in one single grided layout? actually I already can do that (grided master layout) but we can't put layout in the layout so I have to put my saved view points in that layout and I have...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Fill Tool Area Text Decimal Control

Some how my Area Text for my Fill has changed. I originally had no decimals for the gross floor area in Square Feet. Then all of a sudden my gross floor area has 6 decimal placed added on. I checked both places that I can think of, see screen shots. ...

Zone colours and object/slab fills

Hi all, I like using zones to illustrate different areas and it works really well. However, when preparing layouts with furniture all of the object fills sit on top of the zone (as image attached). So I set an override to make all cover fills transpa...

ZONES - autotext and schedules - v25

Ok - i know i have been down this path before but let's go for some clarification. - clearly custom properties can be attached to zones - custom properties attached to zones can be scheduled by zone - this is sweet! - custom properties can be display...

gdford by Expert
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List of Changes with Layout Names

Hello everyone. I am struggling to make a list such as the one attached here. I would like to get a list of Changes with the name of a particular Change given and the list of Layouts that this Change is visible on. The Screenshot attached was created...