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Dimensions shown on all levels

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to dimension a floor plan and have that dimension string show up on all levels. For example, I would like the dimensions for all exterior building walls to show up on all levels as well as the dimensions of t...

scsp by Participant
  • 1 replies

Cannot control angle style in Autotext

I've been having an issue showing the roof angle as DEGREES MINUTES SECONDS using the label tool. It rounds to the closest degree!? This has not always been an issue (maybe since 24 or 23). See attached image. All my settings are set to show DEGREES ...

jakubc7 by Booster
  • 5 replies


I would assume there is a table of contents I can use from the list of drawings. This list is in a plot set and is also in the Organizer for sheets to plot I looked online and through the BBS and the only suggestions were from 2004. I assume I am jus...

Resolved! Grid Element ID labels not correct in sections

Hi, AC25 - When labelling Grids (with autotext label), the element ID shows correctly in floor plan but not in section. In section the Grid label ID only shows the original ID from when the Grid was placed. When updating the grid ID, the label update...

Dendarii by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Schedule Components (Skins) Weird Behaviour

Hello, I am trying to get the area and volume of each skin in a custom schedule, and it works perfectly fine with a plain wall, but for the walls that have openings, the schedule duplicates some skins. For example I would have Brick and Insulation tw...

Favorite Font for Construction Documents

What fonts do people like to use for construction drawings? Also, do you prefer all caps? It made a lot of sense in the hand drafting days in order to provide clarity, but computer fonts have better built-in clarity.

EH21 by Booster
  • 4 replies

Anotation objects in renovation filter

I am having a trouble with an annotation objects (fils lines) in Renovation filters demolition and New. In Project and View map are displaying fine but in Layout they are shown as existing grey. Did eny of you had this kind of problem? Thanks for any...